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"Bag that Business" dog poo psa

Keep Glendale communities clean and safe for you, your neighbors, and your pets!

How you can help

Grab it, Bag it, Toss it…


It’s pretty simple - whether you’re enjoying an open space trail or just your own neighborhood, you can keep Glendale attractive and healthy by scooping your pet's poop! But it doesn’t stop there - please don’t leave the baggie on the ground – throw the used baggie in the trash!



Why should we?

When pet waste is not picked up, it doesn’t magically disappear or fertilize the ground. It remains there until it gets washed away by stormwater. 


Then, that pet waste that was left on the streets, yards, trails or roadsides is picked up by stormwater runoff and carried into drains. Your imagination can tell you what happens from there.

How do we spread the truth about the poop fairy?

A poop fairy? Really? Well no, not really, and that's the point of this educational campaign.

We saw the love the new “No Poop Fairy” signs received on our social media pages, so we’re making it available* for those who would like to spread the importance of keeping our communities clean!

All you have to do is sign up for the City’s award-winning monthly newsletter, City Connection! Subscribe below and forward your subscription confirmation to You will receive an email back with pick-up details

If you've already signed up, just let us know by sending an e-mail to

*Signs are available while supplies last

Subscribe and get a sign!

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